Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Thailand Music

thai music - kheem
My daughter learning the Kheem, a Thai traditional musical instrument....thai music thailand musical instrument culture girl rangsee wittaya fang kheem kiim khim

Bangkok scenes and Thai music
footage of traditional Thai music and dance taken in Chiang Mai....Thailand thai bangkok chiang mai music traditional folk khao san asia travel culture destination cityscape landmark

The Revival of Northern Thai Literatures
Sanan Dhammathi, a well known Northern Thai Culture and Literature guru, has managed to change the typically boring subject of literature into an activity of fun and interest

Salor Sor Seung
, a salaw, and two seung play some traditional Thai music. Want to learn more about Thai culture?

Mon Cultural Festival of Music and Dance
elegant classical Thai silk suits. tribe festival performance music dance play Chulalongkorn University Bangkok Thailand

Laos Kaen Music
by Thailand about 80 years ago. แคน Want to learn more about Thai culture? khaen thai